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Night Owl Straight Razor

The type of razor you use can say a lot about you as a man. Everyone knows that to use a straight razor is to connect yourself with the old ways of doing things. It requires devoting yourself to the art and skill of shaving with such a sharp, dangerous tool. Yet there is a dignity and luxury to shaving with a straight razor, and men with a particular taste for elegance and luxury will want a tool that can match their inner spirit. The Night Owl Straight Razor is the tool for those men, featuring a black and chrome handle that demonstrates maturity and serious skill while showing off your aesthetic class at the same time. The razor-sharp blade will deliver the shave of a lifetime to the man that can tame its ultra-fine edge and handle the blade with the care and practice it requires. With this razor, shaving won’t just be a hygienic routine; it’ll become a Zen-like ritual that connects you to your inner masculinity and reinvigorates your soul for the coming day.

  • Made with a black and chrome wooden handle
  • Blade is very sharp and requires the use of a brush and shaving soap
  • Blade flips out smoothly each and every time you use it