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It Just Works

It Just Works

What is It Just Works?

It Just Works is a revolutionary internal non-toxic deodorant that works from within to help remove body odor naturally and effectively giving you complete body freshness from tip-to-toe and everywhere in between.

Even the best natural deodorants will only take us so far but It Just Works body deodorizing supplement works to eliminate body odors at the source.

Why is it Unique?
Unlike topical deodorants, intimate washes, powders, breath mints etc. It Just Works body deodorizing supplements do not mask body odors, it works to eliminate them!

Our remarkable formula will gently cleanse the body from within helping to detoxify, improve health, well-being and confidence. Fresher breath, body and "V" is all possible with just one capsule a day.


  • Provides complete body freshness
  • Eliminates underarm odor
  • Freshness down below (the "V")
  • Fresher smelling breath 
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved intimacy
  • Overall health & wellness 

Take one capsule daily.

Those with a "stronger brew", may want to take two, once AM and once PM.

If you struggle to swallow capsules, feel free to open the capsule and drink in water or juice, just make sure to drink the entire thing! (we recommend doing a shot with juice or water so you get it all).

Organic Parsley, Chlorophyllin, Organic Mint, Magnesium, vegetable capsule.

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